Practice Areas

OTC & ETD Derivatives


Over the Counter (OTC) and Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) are the most common financial instruments in the market and are documented differently.

While the OTC derivatives are based on mostly privately  (bilateral or tripartite) negotiated documents, the ETD contracts are mainly industry standardized documents.

Our services cover all OTC and ETD documentation, including but not limited to ISDA and other Master Agreements, Credit Support Annexes (CSA), Forwards, Options, Confirmations, Prime Brokerage Agreements, Giveup Agreements, Clearing & Execution Services Agreements,  Service Level Agreements, Electronic Trading/Platform Access Agreements etc.


​Swaps are specific types of derivatives, heavily traded financial instruments in the market. Mainly Swaps are OTC traded, however certain Swaps are also ETD, particularly on the futures exchanges.

Based on the type of the Swap, the required documentation may vary - for OTC ​it is usually a bespoke, tailor-made contract, whereas for ETD it can be a more standardized template.

Our team deals with documentation for all major types (Plain Vanilla, Exotic and Quasi-Vanilla) of Swaps, particularly Interest Rates, Currency, Commodity, Equity, Credit, Total Return, Variance, Swaption and any others as required to facilitate relevant business needs. 


Structured Finance


Structured Finance (SF) and Securitized  or Collaterized Products (SP) are more complex and sometime, tailor-made financial instruments which usually include hedging, risk transfer, liquidity, utilizatuion, alternative funding etc.

As such SP & SF require specific types of documentation consisting of both bespoke, company's own in-house templates and market standard contracts.

We deal with most commonly used SF & SP documentation such as Prospectuses, Offering/Listing Particulars, Final Terms/Pricing Supplements, Termsheets, Global Notes, Confirmations of various types (Exotic, Plain Vanilla etc) of Notes, Warrants and Certificates and other EMTN/MTN related documents.

Repo & Securities Lending

Repurchase & Sell/Buy-Back (Repo) and Securities Lending or Stock Lending (SL) are major components of the financial services market and general cross-border transactions.

Repo and SL are usually bilateral transactions, however in certain cases they can be Tri-party, such as a Repo including also a Custodian Bank. Repo and SL are documented by industry standard agreements developed by SIFMA/ICMA and ISLA.

We deal with both market standard and client-specific Repo and SL documentation, including GMRA, GMSLA, OSLA, IFEMA and other Master Agreements and related Annexes, Legal Opinions, Protocols and ancillary documents.

Futures & Options

Futures & Options (F&O) are liquid financial products traded on the futures exchanges globally and are documented with international market standard contracts.

The underlying assets of F&O contracts can vary from currencies, securities and interest rates to commodities and indices. Therefore, the required documentation of those is different as well.

Our services include handling of all F&O related documentation, including major Exchanges specific (LME, CME, LIFFE, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX, TSE, SAFEX, SGX etc) Agreements (Clearing and Execution)  and industry standard (FIA, FOA and others) documentation.


Bespoke Contracts

Considering the complexity and the vast scale of the international financial services market, the efficient management of legal-documentation risks and regulatory requirements can be quite challenging for market participants.

As such it often requires not only (or in addition to) using market standard documents but also tailor-made, client/business-specific, complex and bespoke documentation prepared by professionals.

Being experts in such fields, we handle various types of bespoke documentation such as: Non-Disclosure Agreements, Agency, Distribution and Sales Intermediary Agreements, Liquidity Letters, Novation Agreements, Commercial Contracts, Investment Management and Custodian Agreements and other documents.