​We are an experienced group of multi-jurisdictionally qualified legal, compliance and financial sectors professionals with a proven expertise in the international markets.


International Justice Association (IJA) is a niche virtual network professional organization and an initiative that operates mainly out of European and North American regions, with an additional representation in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.

We have first-class educated and qualified professional members from multiple jurisdictions,  cultures and backgrounds.

Diversity is embedded in our values and Justice is our essence.

We always aim to be fair, efficient, client focused and result driven, while providing our services. 

In the ever-changing legislative, regulatory and technology world that is further complicated with [geo-]political and narrow business interests, we strive to provide clear, factual, simple and tailored advice and assistance to our clients.

The vast expertise of our members in multi-sector, multi-product and multi-jurisdictional matters, ensures the high quality and efficiency of our services with satisfactory results.

We are privileged and proud to assist all our clients to achieve justice and truth.

Here at IJA, we always welcome new ideas, partners and clients.

IJA - the trusted professional network for supporting fairness and justice!